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how are you?
i'm john eichhorn !!
-> what you need to know to make $ in the music industry <-
*revealing my secrets to success during a wild 5 year adventure


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2018    freelance production of local shows, monthly residencies, and festivals in los angeles
    over $1000 in revenue for some events, after paying certain bands over $250 each
    social media marketing with over 24,000 views of eventpages, no paid ads

    marketing for austin city limits music festival
    have produced over 110 shows working with over 300 bands in around 30 major cities
    also performing in 92 of the shows
    worked with international bands from europe and australia, including paris france
    just about every event ive negotiated the deal with the establishment, booked
     all of the bands/comedians/spoken word, managed the show, and handled payouts
    now possess a great aptitude for business, sales, and marketing combined with my 
     very proactive mind set leading to a great number of new and repeat clients
    spent $ made from music to invest in a bass gtr and high speed production computer
2013    accumulated around 15 years of music theory and marketing/business education
    first show ever in pittsburgh pa with just about sold out attendance
    moved to columbus ohio area to get an education in audio engineering
     including audio for video, music composition, soundscapes, and sound design
    spent every cent of my savings on the move and engineering degree, sept bank= -$19
    followed by 66 regional shows in first year (venues, bars, record stores, skatopia,                   house/performance spaces, bowling alley, coffee shops, book stores)
    designed and built music website, including product branding
    week long vacation in upper west side manhattan, new york city
    major media source interview with paid photoshoot
    declined position as head engineer for a theatre play in dayton, ohio
2014    consistent regional shows
    multiple 3 day weekend tours
    7 show/ 7 day tour
    weekend bar shows with $ guarantees
    live sound set up and engineering for multiple shows
    major media source interview with paid photoshoot
    achieved a few months with 12 shows in each month
    blog interview with photoshoot during 3 day weekend tour
    2 regional outdoor festivals
    live photoshoot on stage during a show
    spent $ made from music to invest in a pedalboard costing over $1000
    moved to the west coast/ 1 month vacation in los angeles before moving to las vegas
2015    produced/performed a 19 show/ 19 day n american tour
    designed and built second music production website
    local shows in las vegas and san diego
    promoted from las vegas to san diego for marketing and sales at guitar center
    end of year/new years vacation in ohio & new york city
    filed divorce from a beautiful, sophisticated, highly intelligent israeli woman
2016    afforded and took a 6 month vacation from work and shows
    relaxed with a lot of playing music, bike riding, sun, and the beach
    moved from san diego to los angeles
    wrote/recorded new music at my own rehearsal space while living in east hollywood
    sound/stage management/VIP relations at a festival with a lot of world famous acts
     hung out and partied with musicians from my favorite band ever, sebadoh
2017    hired by the whisky a go go as assistant booking personnel
     lead to a great number of new clients, repeat clients, and making old clients 
     repeat ones, reorganized the event calendar, updated the client contracts
    at the end of my first year in los angeles, promoted to head booking agent
    started the now legacy of local band residencies at this world famous music venue
    generated on average $7,500/month in ticket sales at the venue
    began dating models and actresses and other eclectic beauties
    hired to do on location mobile recording and mixing at rehearsal spaces
    hired to solo engineer recording/mixing session at a high quality los angeles studio
    hired to engineer rec/mixing session at a high quality los angeles studio for a
     european touring band playing the whisky a go go 2x in 1 week that i also booked

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